ISG: investing in the LinkedIn of the sport

Sports technology has enormous growth potential. This is not only the case with professional athletes. Of course, football teams such as Feyenoord (a partner of ISG), cycling teams such as Team Jumbo-Visma and Red Bull Racing of Max Verstappen have access to the best data. They use this data to measure everything about the fitness and form of athletes, but also to determine the right tactics. You can even measure the mental state of athletes with it. And everyone knows: to measure is to know.

Priceless? Certainly not. In fact, things in the field of tech and data are becoming increasingly accessible. Take something simple like a heart rate monitor as an example. They used to be unpaid. Nowadays many amateur athletes also use a heart rate belt. Tech is becoming more and more accessible, and that has many advantages.

What is ISG?

International Sports Group is a Dutch sports technology company. One of the parts of ISG is Dotcomsport. This is the creator of a club management platform that is used by nearly 500 clubs and associations in more than 20 countries with over 200,000 users. Because ISG invests in many sports technology companies, there is a lot of potential for rapid growth. The technologies are combined, creating a powerful network.

ISG’s goal is to not only club driven to be active, but also to reach the individual athlete. Because the technology is so broad, it is not only about training material, but also about nutritional advice and mental support. With the ultimate goal of helping a global community of athletes.

What can you do with data?

We talk about data all the time, but actually the package is much broader. Not only in terms of data, but also in terms of sports. Technology is now mainly used in football. An example is video images, which are used to make good analyzes of one’s own strength and of the strengths and weaknesses of upcoming opponents.

But statistics of individual athletes are also used. If you watch a match in the Champions League, you can see how many kilometers a player has covered. This can be extended with heart rate data and overall fitness. Sports technology is infinite, and we are only at the beginning of all possible developments.

Where you see that the technology is indeed now mainly club driven is used, it is interesting and challenging to take the step towards the individual athlete. This can be a football player, who wants to do some extra exercises at home. But any other athlete, whether you are a tennis player, cyclist or boxer, can also make good use of the data.

Interesting features

It is important for the developers to make appealing things available to every athlete. And the possibilities are endless in this area as well. For example, training material is an interesting option. The Rinus program of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) is a good example. This program can always be consulted, whether by coaches, teams or individual athletes.

But there is also a lot possible in the field of nutritional advice. Athletes are increasingly concerned with the right nutrition. And how great would it be to form a large community in which athletes of all levels and from all kinds of sports can interact with each other? If ISG gets the chance to grow, it could become the LinkedIn of the sports world. Everything is on board: the technology, the knowledge and the right people. However, growth capital is also required to realize these ambitions.

Who uses data?

ISG currently has approximately 500 customers in 20 countries. There are many big names among them. Feyenoord has already been mentioned. The scouts of the Rotterdammers work with the software, just like the KNVB. The Football Association of Ireland also does this, and recently entered into a partnership with the United Arab Emirates.

The strength is that there is not just one software program. We strive as much as possible for cooperation with competitive colleagues. Everything becomes better by working together: more knowledge, an even better team and even better facilities. You get the best of both worlds and you need that if you want to grow.

To become the LinkedIn of the sports world, it is essential to further internationalize. In the United States, for example, there is a huge market. Just look at the NBA, the American professional basketball league, or the NFL, American Football. Huge sums are involved. The expectation is, or rather it is a certainty, that investments in technology will only increase in the coming years. There is room for growth there to become even better. And not just for professional athletes.


When we watch sports, data is a hot item. If you look more broadly at people’s health, you will see that obesity is an increasing problem. We just talked about the United States, where more than half of the population is overweight or obese. The technology goes beyond exercises and training programs. Nutritional advice and mental support are just as much part of that. And in a community you can seek support from each other.

Why is ISG interesting for investors?

ISG is a company with enormous potential. On the one hand because they already have proof that there is a need among users, clubs and unions. ISG wants to exploit this potential. Sports technology is very interesting for investors, because technology can really help athletes exercise better. In the eyes of ISG, this is a new revolution that is emerging.

As an investor, you contribute to people’s health. Because obesity is increasing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to exercise due to all the temptations of iPads and smartphones, you need something that makes it interesting to put the devices away and start exercising. The software gives that push. As an investor you can contribute to this.

Sports technology has everything it takes to grow. Although it has been used for years, it is still in its infancy, especially with regard to the individual athlete. For more information, visit:

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