Investor activist Carl Icahn gambled on a stock market crash that never came and lost nearly $9 billion

Carl Icahn, the man behind the investment company Icahn Enterprises, has been convinced in recent years that the markets would collapse. He has therefore adjusted his investment strategy accordingly. In an interview with the Financial Times the investor activist admits that he misjudged the situation, leaving his company with nearly $9 billion in smoke.

Why is this important?

Carl Icahn, the investor activist famous for pushing policy changes at numerous major stock companies, came under fire early this month after shortseller Hindenburg published a report showing that several parts of the investment group, and therefore the entire company, had undergone substantial being overvalued. Icahn now admits that he made some bad investments.

In the news: Since the 2008 financial crisis, Icahn hasn’t looked at the markets through rose-colored glasses. This led the investor activist to adopt a strategy of speculating on a collapse of the stock markets. In a conversation with the Financial Times the well-known investor now admits that he made some poor investment choices, which resulted in him losing nearly $9 billion.

  • According to an analysis of the Financial Times lost the investor activist in 2017 approx

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