Instagram’s Twitter rival could launch in June

Instagram is about to launch a new app. According to rumors, it could be there as early as June.

The project, codenamed P92, Project 92, or Barcelona, ​​is Instagram’s aspiration to create a decentralized social network explicitly for “creators and public figures.” The catchy slogan? “Instagram for your thoughts.”

Sources with knowledge of secret conversations at Meta, Instagram’s parent company, have shared intriguing details about the upcoming app. A creator who took part in these exclusive conversations revealed the following.

The details

The decentralized app will build on the foundations of Instagram while maintaining compatibility with other platforms such as Mastodon. Key features include streamlined access via existing Instagram username and password, seamless syncing with current followers, and a smooth transition from Instagram user handle, bio, and even verification status. In addition, users can search, follow and interact with their profile and content on other apps. The app will show a central feed of followers and recommended content. Users can share text updates of up to 500 characters (shorter than an Instagram caption, an extended tweet or a LinkedIn post. So brevity is essential. Finally, the platform allows users to add links, photos and videos of up to 5 minutes and engage in likes, replies and reposts.

The app includes essential features for creator control and account security, such as managing replies and mentions according to one’s preferences. It will apparently easily block or report spam accounts, automatically transfer blocks from Instagram, and enforce hidden words users have selected on Instagram.

When it comes to security, the service will use 2FA (two-factor authentication). It uses the same community guidelines as Instagram itself.

Be prepared

Currently there is no concrete information about the revenue model, which could initially mean an ad-free experience. In that case, expect a strong emphasis on driving an organic social strategy.

The app’s updates could replace the plethora of Twitter screenshots on feeds. But as with any new app, predicting audience reaction remains uncertain, so prepare for adjustments.

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