if you don’t have time to cook

It often happens in our busy lives that we don’t have the time or inclination to cook for ourselves. After a full working day, social activities or a big sports session, you have little time left to think about your food.

Although it is tempting to quickly get some fries around the corner or throw a frozen pizza in the oven, you want to put a fresh and healthy meal on the table as often as possible, because this is much better for your health.

If you opt for takeaway meals, in most cases this is not the healthiest option. Moreover, you mainly get too little vegetables. If you don’t have much time, the tips in this article will help you to eat a healthy and varied diet.

No time and don't want to eat unhealthy?  Then read these 4 tips to quickly put a healthy meal on the table.

1 ready-to-eat meal on the table

Don’t feel like thinking about what you want to eat and don’t feel like cooking? That is probably more common than you want, but it is the reality in our busy lives.

Fortunately, nowadays there are many options that make our lives a lot easier. With the Meal Service Cooked Out you eat fresh and varied every day without having to cook yourself! The meals are delivered to your home completely ready.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to do anything, just warm up quickly, but you can still enjoy a home-cooked, fresh meal. This way you eat enough vegetables and know for sure that you are getting the right nutrients. Simply pure and fresh, as you would prefer to prepare your food at home.

With ready-made you quickly think of unhealthy, but that is absolutely not the case with these meals. These are fresh ingredients made by professional chefs. There is something for everyone, because you can choose from the varied range. You can choose something delicious every day!

2 Stock in the freezer

Do you not have time every day to spend extensive time in the kitchen, but do you have time during the weekend or a few days a week? Even then you can eat your own homemade meal on the other days, you just have to plan well.

It doesn’t take much extra time and effort to expand the number of portions you cook. This means that you can cook for several days with just one meal. Whether you prepare 2 portions of pasta or 4, it doesn’t make much difference in terms of time.

You eat the portions that you make extra the next day. Or you keep them in the freezer for a later moment. Ideal, because if you don’t have time to cook for a few days, all you have to do is take your portion out of the freezer and heat it up in the evening. Dishes that are very suitable for this are, for example, soup, pasta or curry.

3 Healthy ordering

While not every delivery service is a good choice, there are certainly options that can bring you a healthy meal home in times of need. Take the time to find out what delivers in your zip code area, because more and more healthy options are being added.

Think of fresh pastas, salads, falafel wraps or a poke bowl. These are all better choices than ordering a pizza or chips.

When you’re pressed for time, it helps to know where to order these kinds of meals so you’re not tempted to go for a burger or pizza.

4 Get a healthy base at home

What you have in your pantry sometimes determines what you eat on days when you don’t have time to shop. You can stuff your freezer full of pizzas, but you’re better off choosing the alternative.

Get a nice base at home so that you can prepare a full meal at any time. For example, lentils and chickpeas are good to have lying around for a quick curry, for example.

Cans of peeled tomatoes are also always good as a basis for a soup, pasta and rice dish. Nowadays there are also many different vegetables available from the freezer, which is also very handy to have at home.

Replenish your stock with pasta and rice and you have a base that you can always use. With a basic set of healthy items at home, you can prepare a super-fast meal without having to think much about it.

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