iEar’ invites: KEF & Dynaudio

KEF and Dynaudio have a lot in common and are diametrically opposed on one point. One agreement is that both loudspeaker manufacturers develop and manufacture their products entirely in-house. Normal for a speaker manufacturer you think now, but nothing could be further from the truth. Another similarity is that both brands offer passive product lines in the mid-range, upper mid-range and high-end segment. In addition, both brands have a very successful active, wireless product line and with that combination they are unique compared to. most other loudspeaker manufacturers.

An agreement that is certainly not there is the sound character of both brands. Both excel in their own very recognizable sound. So something for everyone. All the possibilities that both brands have to offer will be demonstrated on 2 & 3 June, during which the employees of KEF and Dynaudio will also explain all the ins and outs of their products.


Founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke in the UK, KEF has since become one of the world’s leading loudspeaker manufacturers. Continuously working on the evolution of its technologies, such as the famous Uni-Q technology, but also constantly working on new technology. One of its latest showpieces is MAT (Metamaterial Absorption Technology). KEF now applies this technique in its better product lines: Blade & Reference (since last year), KEF LS60 Wireless (also since last year) and MAT has recently also been used in the recently launched new R-series. These product lines will of course be discussed extensively during the listening sessions.


This Danish loudspeaker manufacturer was founded in 1977 by Wilfried Ehrenholz. This manufacturer also developed and manufactured its speaker drivers itself from the outset. These were so well liked that in the past they were often lent to other speaker manufacturers. However, in order to keep the Dynaudio product authentic and exclusive, the own speaker drivers have been reserved for the own Dynaudio speakers for many years now. A phenomenon in the meantime is the famous Esotar tweeter, the 3rd generation of which is currently used in the Confidence series top line and the improved 2nd generation in the Contour series. Very unique in the active speaker line Focus is the application of Dirac Live, with which an ultimate wireless performance range can be achieved. All this will also be discussed during the demonstrations.

So it promises to be pleasant, educational and above all fun days. If you want to be present at one of the listening sessions, please register on the website of iEar:

iEar’ invites: KEF & Dynaudio

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