how RNA pricks permanently genetically transform you

Photo: Sucharit Bhakdi (Video still CHD.TV)

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Foreign genes can immediately cause cancer and all kinds of inflammation in your body, microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi warned on CHD.TV. Moreover, such genes are passed on to the offspring.

You will be permanently genetically transformed, the emeritus professor emphasized.

Bhakdi wants everyone to wake up and become aware of the dangers we face. The WHO, the CDC and the FDA plan to deploy RNA vaccines worldwide, everywhere, the microbiologist said.


The first vaccines have already been rolled out and cause the same damage that all others will cause because a foreign gene gets into the body, he added.

So-called plasmids, genes stolen from bacteria, find their way into human cells. That means any people injected with these bacterial plasmids or genes will be genetically altered, Bhakdi said.

“And any cell that has been genetically altered is doomed.”

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