How much money do you receive for participating in Wie is de Mol?

A participation in Wie is de Mol? is a dream for every well-known Dutch person. This is of course a dream for the special experiences, but certainly not for the amount you get for this. This is how much money participants get when they join the program. Spoiler: It’s less than you think.

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Who is the mole?

In the program Wie is de Mol? it’s all about one thing: unmasking the mole. Ten participants, well-known Dutch people, compete with each other. Nine of them are ‘normal’ participants, one of them is the mole. During the episodes they carry out various assignments with which money can be earned. If the mole allows that, because the mole also has a goal: to get as much money as possible out of the pot.

After each episode, participants take a test with twenty questions about the mole. The one with the fewest correct answers has to leave the game. Of course, the mole does not leave the game. Whoever exposes the mole at the end of the season goes home with that bag of money.

This is how much celebrities get for participating in Wie is de Mol?

The program Wie is de Mol? has been around for more than twenty years and it is now really impossible to imagine the tube without it. The fans at home, too Mollots are ready every year and spend weeks thinking about theories and hints that could lead to the mole.

But not only the fans at home are fans of this program. Many celebrities also participate in Wie is de Mol? on his bucket list. And this certainly turns out not to be for the money! A participation in Wie is de Mol? does not give you anything at all. Or well, at least it won’t fill your wallet. You do not participate in this program for the money, but simply for the experience. In addition, it naturally gives you a lot of brand awareness, so that after this program you can earn more money because you have more in the picture stands. A free participation therefore pays for itself! You also have to give a little more for it, because you can’t take a full suitcase with you either. Participants are only allowed to bring so few clothes.

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