How long does the Temptation Island campfire actually last?

What happens during the campfire?

The campfire is always and stressful experience for the participants Temptation Island: Love Or Leave 2023. During this campfire, images of their partners from the other villa are shown. Often these images are also cut in such a way that it seems that they are flirting with another woman or man or that they are saying something bad about their partner. Of course, this does not apply to all participants, as some simply remain completely faithful to their partner. After the images are shown to the men and women, it is also discussed what they think they saw and how it makes them feel. This often produces painful images.

How long does a campfire last Temptation Island now for real?

If you watch the program, this campfire often only lasts a few minutes. But how long does it actually take in real life? In an episode of Drama Island on Rumag tells the couple Mike and Evie more about it. They tell: A week feels like a month there and a day feels like a week. The day of the campfire in particular takes a very long time.’ The campfire really lasts for hours for the participants. “You drive there for an hour. You have to wait in that forest for an hour before you can enter the cave.’ Then they are finally allowed to enter the cave, but the participants also have to wait there and stare at the fire. When it finally starts, the participants also have to look nervously at all the images and can therefore not really relax yet. “I must have been there for an hour and a half.”

How long does the Temptation Island campfire actually last?

After the campfire

You would expect that after the campfire and an hour’s drive back, the participants can go to sleep. But that is not the case. The participants first have to tell what they saw and what they thought of it. Not to forget, their day also has to end with a party. It is therefore really only in the middle of the night that the participants are allowed to go to bed. ‘I came back and I wanted to go to bed. But then they said (the production, ed.): no, you have to tell us what you saw. Well, then I broke again’, says Mike. So you can notice that the days are on Temptation Island be very tiring.

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