How do you take a screenshot on Windows 11? That’s how you do that!

You can take a screenshot right away without launching the Windows 11 Snipping Tool first. Handy when, for example, an error message appears, or you want to copy an image on a website that cannot be downloaded. That’s how you do that:

  1. Press the Windows+Shift+S key combination. The screen will then dim.
  2. If necessary, switch modes with the buttons at the top.
    use key combination for screenshot
  3. Click or draw on the screen to take the screenshot. That will be copied to the Windows clipboard.
  4. Paste the screenshot into a program (with the key combination Ctrl + V) or click on the notification at the bottom right or in the notification overview so that you can save it.

You can open the notifications overview by clicking on the time at the bottom right of the Windows 11 taskbar.

save captured screenshot via notification overview Windows 11

Click on a created ‘clipping’ (screenshot) in the notifications overview to save it.

Important: if something else is copied or cut somewhere in Windows, it will be on the clipboard and your screenshot will be gone. So make sure you keep it!

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