How do you recognize Fake Yeezys? 7 Ways

Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy shoes are one of the most popular sneakers in the world.

When you consider that everything the Jenner/Kardashian/West clan touches sells out in minutes, it’s no wonder these sneakers are incredibly popular.

The Yeezy sneakers belong to a new line of modern shoes that perfectly combine both comfort and style. They are able to instantly upgrade casual outfits and have become the statement sneakers of the new generation.

To buy authentic Adidas Yeezys, it’s best to stick to reputable online retailers such as Adidas, Amazon and Farfetch. Do you want to buy Yeezy on a Dutch site? Then Pirri is also a trusted seller.

These stores have the latest Yeezy designs. Only act fast, because these popular shoes – especially new releases – fly off the shelves quite quickly.

As documented, Adidas Yeezy sneakers are among the most counterfeited shoe designs in the world due to their huge market and limited production. That’s why there are so many fake Yeezys in size.

Each pair of Yeezys is limited to just 40,000 pairs. What designer on the planet can, consistently, sell 40,000 shoes in just 2 minutes? Kanye West!

They are also notorious for being quite expensive sneakers, which is one of the reasons why many consumers choose to buy from auction sites like eBay and unauthorized stores that offer cheaper prices.

If you’ve been thinking about buying online to save yourself a few bucks, make sure you inspect the product closely to make sure they’re not fake Yeezys!

Here are seven simple things you can check to see if they are fake or real Yeezys.

1. Compare label details with box details

yeezy boost boxes

If your Yeezy sneakers come in a box, make sure you inspect and compare the tag and label.

On the inside of the shoe you can find a label that indicates details such as the size and serial number of the shoe. These details should match those on the box label.

2. Check the wave pattern

wave pattern yeezy sneaker

The Yeezy Boost 350 features a signature wave pattern on its Primeknit upper. On genuine Yeezy shoes, the wave should be lateral, with irregular or different sized wave marks.

Fake yeezy sneakers have waves that look more like they’re printed from top to bottom instead of side to side.

3. Check the center stitching

The heavy stitching in the center of the shoe should extend all the way to the outsole. You could physically check this with your fingers. The stitching ends right below the tip of the outsole.

4. Check the details of the heel

heel details yeezy sneaker

The heel of a Yeezy shoe is full of intricate details. Pay close attention to the heel tab, which has red stitch details marked with box stitches.

The stitched square section of the tab should have five stitches, while the rectangular section in the center should have nine stitches.

Another detail to pay attention to is the placement of the heel tab, which should be just one centimeter away from the heel collar. Most counterfeits have the tab stitched farther out, creating a wide gap between the tab and the collar.

5. Check the insoles

The removable insoles have an Adidas brand name and logo print. Fake Yeezys usually use white ink, while the real ones have some shades of gray ink. When removing you should see that the inside of the shoe has the same material as the upper.

Fake Yeezys usually have cheap looking white fabric stitched into the shoe. The logos and branding on the insoles and outsoles should also face opposite directions and look reflective (or mirror images) when side by side.

6. Check the outsole

outsole yeezy sneaker

One of the most important details, which the fake Yeezys often get wrong, can be found on the outsoles. At the bottom of the Boost is a white exposed part that has flower-like reliefs.

The pattern around it should be textured and irregular on both shoes. With real couples this part should feel a bit mushy, fake Yeezys will feel stiffer and harder.

7. Check the logo on the side

small-logo-side yeezy sneaker

The Adidas logo and the YZY stamp are on the inside of each Yeezy pair. These should be centered and on the suede-like panel. Counterfeits usually have off-centered logos, with fonts slightly larger than the original.

Note the texture of the side panels, which should feel velvety.

Are Yeezy sneakers on Marktplaats real?

No, authentic Yeezys are usually not sold on Marktplaats. It is better to save a little more instead of buying a low quality product.

Who makes Yeezys and where are they made?

Yeezy shoes are made in Adidas factories, mainly in China. However, the multinational also makes shoes in Cambodia and Puerto Rico.

Adidas works with approximately 800 independent factories from around the world that manufacture the products in more than 55 countries.

Due to the company’s complex supply chain structure, it is not possible to determine the authenticity of a pair of Yeezys simply by looking at where they were made.

Are Yeezys made in Vietnam?

According to the most recent list of factories that make shoes for Adidas, the factories in Vietnam do not produce Yeezys.

Why are Yeezys so expensive?

While Kanye West helps create hype with his shoe designs, he’s not the main reason Yeezys become worth so much. It is rather in the limited numbers that are released.

In terms of the materials used and the finish, his shoes don’t even come close to designer shoes from similarly priced brands.

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