How do you like living in a community? From dreaming to doing!

‘I want that too!’ I hear such words on every tour of our grounds. I’m talking about the dream wanting to live as we do, the residents of the LiberTerra community in Koedijk. Ten (small) houses and a knowledge center have been built. It also looks great. Detached houses, beautiful shared garden, a vegetable garden, picnic table and space for the children to play without car.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a residential community
Photo credits LiberTerra Koedijk, supplied by Michaëla

A community much is dreamed about. Together around the campfire, beautiful inspiring conversations, sharing stuff and yoga sessions in the sun.

However… there is no one who dreams of meetings, disagreements, borrowed broken items, money issues, making internal rules or administration. And all of these things are common. Certainly much more than the one time we were able to experience yoga in the sun.

How it still manages to create a community despite those nice dreams and less pleasant sides realize is due to the differences. In every group you form you need dreamers, doers, thinkers and active people. People who show leadership and people who follow. People who can turn the dreams into actions and people who can mirror these actions to the dot on the horizon set by the community.

So you need people with different qualities who are willing to listen to the other and to let go of egos. In short, forming a community is one challenge which is gradually fulfilled during the process of realizing a residential community.

And boy, what did I say to myself. I’m a doer, coach others to turn their dream into action and am very practical. Of course it’s great to have someone like that in your team, but there are people with a different pace or different way of thinking. It gave me frustration and impatience; so off ‘don’t you see it’ or ‘you promised to do that and you don’t’. Really grrrrr. He/she/it saw/felt/wanted it differently.

That taught me that I can think differently, explain better and communicate well. Mostly it taught me adjusting my pace to others.

That’s what goes through my head when visitors shout ‘I want that too’. There is so much more to it that I started writing about it. On the Living in a Community site I write about my experiences and those of others. The latter through the many interviews I have held. Due to the huge demand for the how-do-you-do-well, I have one free ebook Start living in a community in 7 easy steps, written. This can easily be downloaded from the Living in a Community site.

Would you like to live in a community (residential community) and do you have questions about this subject. Reply in the comment box or email me. I’ll be happy to help you.

Michaela Wierdsma

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My name is Michaëla Wierdsma, author, speaker and coach lives in a community and writes about Living in a Community from the inside out. In addition, I am practical, down-to-earth, enthusiastic and love mirroring. That’s what I do with my coach clients and at the workshops I give. More information: and

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