Hiking in Germany | Discover the 4 great mountain hiking trails in Saxony

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vSeveral low mountain ranges form the southern border over a length of almost 250 km Saxony (with its capital in Dresden) with the Czech Republic. In this mountain country you can choose from no less than four large multi-day hiking routes. Not every mountain is the same and the regions have their own characteristics. You can split the routes into various daily stages that suit your personal hiking needs.


Whimsical rock formations, vast forests and traces from the Middle Ages. The Oberlausitzer Bergweg between Zittau, near the border triangle Germany-Poland-Czech Republic, and Neukirch offers it all. The Zittauer Mountains are a nature reserve with peace and space. The unique local culture of the ‘Sorbes’ gives this destination an extra cachet.

Upper Lusatian Bergweg Kelchstein. Photo: Markus Balkow

In addition to the natural beauty, there are various sights, including historic Zittau, the impressive ruins of the Oybin Monastery on a mountain plateau and the Sorbian half-timbered houses in Oberscunnersdorf. The mountain road also passes Kottmar, where the Spree rises, the river that also flows through Berlin. More information can be found here.

2. MALERWAY (112 km)

The ‘Malerweg’ (painting route) through the Saxon Switzerland National Park has a special origin. The Elbe Sandstone Mountains have attracted artists inspired by the natural wonder for centuries. While hiking, it immediately becomes clear why the dense forests, rugged gorges and rock formations are visually overwhelming.

Breathtaking view. The Malerweg in Saxony.

The Malerweg consists of various (day) stages with different height profiles. The route also takes you past the Bridge of Bastei and the Königstein Fortress, a huge fortification located on a table mountain on the Elbe. Read more here.


The Erzgebirge offers 5,000 kilometers of hiking trails. The Kammweg (mountain top road) runs through a green area with great views. Here a complete sense of relaxation is created. This route is part of ‘Top Trails of Germany’ and runs from Geising to Blankenstein in Thuringia. The highest peak on the way is the Fichtelberg (1215 m) near Oberwiesenthal.

Erzgebirge. View from the Kahleberg.

Since the twelfth century, minerals have been extracted in the mountains, including a lot of silver. The many remains (400 objects) of the rich mining culture have recently been placed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. It gives the walk an extra dimension.

Although the Kammweg is a long-distance trail, many parts are great for a day hike. Dozens of short (circular) walks have been set out to fill a (part of) day. They can be found at the Kammweg website.


This is a multi-day circular walk through the Vogtland. It is a natural route that leads past old towns such as Plauen, the spa town of Bad Elster and the music town of Markneukirchen. The healthy mountain air is a blessing for body and soul. The noble spa towns of Bad Elster and Bad Brambach still offer various wonderful thermal baths with the grandeur of bygone times. Make time for a soothing mud or steam bath.

The noble spas offer various wonderful thermal baths with the grandeur of bygone times

This area is ideal for hikers to enjoy the mountains and forests with beautiful views. The start and end point is the Göltzschtal bridge near Mylau/Netzschkau. This landmark is the world’s longest brick railway bridge.

The Göltzschtal Bridge near Mylau/Netzschkau, the world’s longest brick railway bridge.

26 million stones were used to bridge the 567 m across the valley. The route is divided into stages of 12 to 24 km. An experienced hiker can complete this tour within a week. But walking part of the stages is also possible. Some have a light walking profile, but there are also stages with considerable differences in height. Especially near the winter sports resort of Klingenthal. Read more about the Vogtland Panoramaweg.

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