Hercules and Westzaan qualify for promotion matches

Hercules Zaandam and Westzaan both managed to win and can prepare for the dessert of the season: promotion matches.

Zaandjk played it safe. For RCZ and Sp. Krommenie has a very exciting final day ahead.

1st class Sunday

Fortuna W. still had a chance to win the 3rd period. However, a 2-5 defeat against champions HBC ensures that next week’s game has nothing at stake.

The confidence of VV Assendelft to avert direct relegation suffered another major blow. The team lost 7-1 against Kolping Boys without a chance. The lead over competitor SDZ, which still has a game credit, is only 2 points.

2nd class Sunday
KFC also has nothing to play for next week. It was already dependent on the competitors, but a 2-0 defeat at Medemblik put an end to all possible scenarios anyway.

Saenden already had to prepare for the playoffs to avoid relegation and lost 0-3 to Enkhuizen.

3rd class Sunday

Hercules Zaandam needed 1 point to reach the promotion games, but recorded a big 4-0 win over Zwanenburg. The team thus convincingly goes to the playoffs and hopes to finally achieve promotion to the 2nd division this season.

At the bottom it is unusually exciting, which teams have to enter the playoffs to avoid relegation is still the question. RCZ recorded an important 2-1 win and is now in a safe place. It has 1 point more than Sp.Kormmenie, which lost 2-1 to Swift. Next week is the denouement.

4th grade Sunday

Westzaan crowned an unprecedented advance on Sunday with placement for the promotion matches. Against competitor Heemstede, after a 0-4 halftime score, they eventually won 3-4. The playoffs will start for Westzaan on Sunday 4 June.

Zaandijk managed to play safely with the 2-3 win at Onze Gezellen, but ultimately fell 4 goals short to qualify for the promotion matches.

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Matches Sunday, May 21

  • Kolping Boys – Assendelft 7-1
  • Fortuna W.–HBC 2-5
  • Medemblik – KFC 2-0
  • Saenden – Enkhuizen 0-3
  • Hercules Zaandam-Zwanenburg 4-0
  • Alliance’22 – WSV’30 1-1
  • RCZ–TOG 2-1
  • Swift – Sp. Krommenie 2-1
  • SVA–New West Utd 5-0
  • Our Companions – Zaandijk 2-3
  • Heemstede-Westzaan 3-4
  • Knollendam – MOC 0-5

Photo of Hercules – Zwanenburg by Harry Kho.

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