Hendrik Van Crombrugge says who all failed in the marriage between Anderlecht and Felice Mazzu – Football news

Felice Mazzu entered RSC Anderlecht through the large gate. However, his passage has not been a success at all.

Felice Mazzu made the switch from Union SG to RSC Anderlecht last summer after Vincent Kompany left for Burnley. However, it was not a success story and there are several reasons for this.

Goalkeeper Hendrik Van Crombrugge tries to explain to Radio Radzinski what went wrong after Kompany’s departure. “Felice Mazzu was a trainer who worked with great enthusiasm, especially on the gut feeling”, it sounds.

According to the Anderlecht goalkeeper, the group of players was not ready for such a type of trainer. “He gave a lot of confidence and freedom, but as a group of players we were not independent and tactically skilled enough to take certain things into our own hands.”

They could not give that confidence back to Mazzu, according to Van Crombrugge, the group of players has failed enormously with that. But the club board should also have known better, the keeper believes.

“It was a mismatch between Anderlecht and Mazzu, that is no open secret. After three years with Vinnie, I felt like doing something different. In the beginning, Mazzu was a breath of fresh air. You just have to be able to fall back on something tactical in difficult times and that was not there with Mazzu.”

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