Ha! Prince William jokes about fitness after activity with Royal Navy Sub marines

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Week, Prince William stars in a video where he takes part in a rowing trip with members of the HMS Oardacious. And although the prince always looks to get through a ring, he – in his own words – still needs the training. Ha!

Mental Health Awareness Week

Joining the past, present and future crew members of HMS Oardacious for an important conversation about mental health. “For #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, we took to the water and discussed everything from teamwork to food rations and what it takes to take care of your mental health as you row across the Atlantic.”

The HMS Oardacious is a group of Royal Navy Sub marines who take on various challenges to row across the Atlantic. They raise money to support the well-being, mental health and well-being of all Sub Marines – both those who are already retired and those with families.

Rowing trip

Wills looked sharp and athletic in his blue tracksuit with sneakers and sunglasses – we get it Kate. During the rowing trip, William and the group talked about racing experiences and the importance of prioritizing mental health. The gentlemen had plenty to talk about throughout the rowing trip, and when they return, they ask how the Prince of Wales found the trip.

“Good! It was a good warm-up,” laughs William. “I need the practice!” he joked. He also learned how the crew of the HMS Oardacious align their physical condition with their mental health. “Submarine service, you have to have a certain mindset to do your job,” explains William. “You are in a metal tube for months, where many things that bring you joy in your normal life are not there. You have no sunlight or fresh air.”

Source: People, Us Magazine | Image: Instagram, NL Image

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