Google Gboard Keyboard Gets Split Layout For Tablets

After the split layout feature appeared a year ago for foldable smartphones, the Gboard keyboard now also has a split layout on the tablet. This layout makes typing easier when you hold the tablet with two hands.

If you use the Gboard keyboard on a tablet, you can now choose between a traditional keyboard or a split keyboard. With the split design we see a large space in the middle of the keyboard. In some cases this is more comfortable than a keyboard where all keys are equally spaced. So you can grab the two bottom corners of your tablet and type with your thumbs as you are used to on a smartphone.

If you have received the Gboard update, you can set which layout you prefer. You can also choose to show the hard-to-reach ‘v’ and ‘g’ buttons on one side of the keyboard or on both sides. The screenshot below from 9to5Google shows what this looks like on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. The rollout of the split keyboard has now started, but it is unclear when the new layout will be available on all tablets.

through [AW]

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