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As an entrepreneur you want to be visible online and preferably only reach your target group: at the right time, in the right place and with the right message. Time for an online marketing plan. But how do you handle that?

To effectively reach your target group, you go through a number of steps. The start is: determine who you want to reach, then you work on how you actually achieve that.

Determine your target audience

To get started, find out who your target audience is, where they are located and which media channels they use. Often this is a combination of different media channels depending on the time of day. Online visibility is indispensable in an effective target group approach. We are spending more and more time online.

An important advantage of reaching your target group online is that you can use geographical data. This allows you to focus the campaign on a city or zip code area, for example. This way you can be sure that your ad reaches the target group in a specific region. And you can also immediately see in which area the advertisement is successful and where it is not. This way you get to know your target group even better.

Harness the power of regional news media

It is just as important that your advertisement is in a relevant environment. If the context of the platform your ad is on isn’t appealing to the user, they probably won’t see the ad. Due to their local character, regional news media are a relevant platform for advertising.

The Dutch feel strongly connected to their own region, according to previous research by DPG Media. A third of the Dutch indicate that they are more interested in local news than in national news. In addition, 60% of the Dutch prefer local products or services. By placing your ad on popular news media in the region, you make optimal use of the strength of these brands in combination with the needs of the customer. (Source: DPG Media Panel Insight research August 2021)

Start immediately

DPG’s advertising platform Direct was launched especially for local entrepreneurs. With Direct regional advertising, you can place advertisements around local and regional news and thus reach the right target group in the right way. And that can really be done in a few minutes. This way you can advertise very locally or regionally in an easy and accessible way. After all, your business continues, so you want to be able to switch quickly and immediately see the results in a clear overview. The Direct platform responds to these needs.

Effective advertising with a small budget

It is not always easy to create a beautiful and effective advertisement. To solve this, there are ad formats available on Direct that allow you to create a beautiful advertisement within minutes. You only need an image, text and a logo for this. The advertisement is automatically formatted in the style of the news medium where the advertisement is placed. The advertisement therefore benefits from the quality and reliable environment of the news medium. If you have created your ad, Direct ensures that it is placed on the news medium on which your target group is active. An efficient method. And you can already advertise from 1 euro per day.

It is also wise to start with small amounts. This way you can discover what appeals to your target group and what doesn’t. You can then respond to this by, for example, adjusting the region a bit or using a different image or text. Once you have a good idea of ​​this, the intensity of the campaign can be increased.

This is how Direct works: Your ad is online in 3 steps

Creating and posting an ad is done in three easy steps. First, you choose a campaign objective. Do you choose to increase your brand awareness, attract more visitors to your website or shop, communicate an offer or recruit staff?

Step two is setting up the campaign. This consists of creating the ad or uploading your own design. Then the targeting is set. An important question is: what does your target group look like? Then select the location(s), age and gender. This is followed by the term and the budget per day.

The third and final step is to create an account and submit the ad. The advertisement will be checked within one working day. And if it is approved, the advertisement will be online from the specified starting date. Check out the website for more information and try it for yourself.

About the author: Ruud Adriaans is Product Manager Direct at DPG Media.

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