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With a focus on generative AI, AI applications, workspaces, APIs and cybersecurity, Google is leading the way in adopting the latest technologies such as PaLM and LaMDA. This critical step paves the way for revolutionary advancements in this area and opens new avenues for enhanced cybersecurity measures, said GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.


GlobalData’s Company Analytics Database reveals that the company plans to automate security workflows and develop innovative generative AI applications.

GlobalData’s Company Analytics report reveals that Google’s top tech themes are Cybersecurity, AI & Cloud across datasets such as Jobs, Filings, Deals and Social Media, while parent company Alphabet’s top themes are AI, Cloud & Big Data.

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Jaya Khandelwal, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Google is placing a strong emphasis on the safe use of generative AI in content creation and collaboration. To further accelerate innovation and maximize impact, Google is integrating its Google Brain Team Research with DeepMind, creating a team called Google DeepMind. By combining its AI expertise with significant computing power, infrastructure and resources, Google DeepMind expects to rival the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI.”

As determined by GlobalData’s Company Filings Analytics database, Google plans to make generative AI advancements accessible to its customers across its cloud portfolio. To achieve this goal, the tech giant is actively seeking talent for roles focused on building and maintaining the necessary infrastructure to deliver robust cybersecurity and cloud computing services.

For example, the company is looking for the “Generative AI Specialist, Google Cloud” position. According to GlobalData’s Job Analytics database, this role will be dedicated to helping potential clients and partners understand the power of Google AI. The company is looking to design architectures and build AI-powered applications.

Another role – “Customer Engineer, Generative AI, and Google Cloud” looks at building Google Cloud’s Generative AI services, including Large Language Model (LaMDA and PaLM,) and Google’s Machine Learning (ML) hardware Tensor.

The tech giant is looking for individuals with expertise in T5X, PAX and Megatron-LM, as well as those with in-demand skills in Open Source, Big Data, ML and numerical programming frameworks. In addition, deep learning frameworks such as JAX, PyTorch, or TensorFlow are particularly interesting for the company for roles related to Generative AI.

Khandelwal concludes: “As Google looks to push the boundaries of Generative AI, the integration of Google DeepMind will increase the impact of its AI solutions while further expanding its offerings to cloud customers. With fierce competition from Microsoft and OpenAI, Google is emphasizing Generative AI as a powerful tool to predict and prioritize cybersecurity threats. Some of its customers, such as Standard Industries and Lyft, are already using its generative AI. And now that Google Bard is fully open to the public in all countries, the opportunities for Generative AI applications across industries are huge and exciting.”

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