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Yet there is nothing more fun than to surprise someone with a gift that he or she really likes and really has something to do with it. If the recipient is a tech enthusiast, you’re in luck. You are now one zero ahead, the range of things that you can use as a gift is then slightly larger than with other people. Which gifts are currently suitable for the real tech enthusiast and gadget freak? Read on quick!

Apple for the thirst

When we talk about the best of the best in technological innovation, it’s probably Apple. Ever since its foundation, they have succeeded time and time again to come up with innovative and groundbreaking innovations. The latest release, the iPhone 14, is also a product that makes many tech hearts beat faster. Think of a fantastic camera that also works well in the twilight, a better battery, faster / more powerful CPUs and good crash detection. The satellite function is also groundbreaking, with which the iPhone can even be used for emergencies when a regular telephone has no coverage. And whether it is a very expensive gift? Of course it is not free, but the comparison with, for example, the iPhone 13 shows that this is not too bad.

Smart home

What also makes the hearts of many gadget freaks beat faster are innovations to achieve a so-called smart home. Nowadays there are many examples and options to make your home that little bit smarter. The nice thing about these gifts is that they are available for every wallet, from very cheap to quite expensive. Think of smart lighting in the garden that you can switch on remotely, to a smart doorbell. Even locking and unlocking entire doors is now possible remotely. Someone who doesn’t like the housework, but likes it fresh and clean? Then a robot vacuum cleaner is a perfect gift!

Play a game

Of course you shouldn’t get addicted to it, but occasionally gaming is nothing wrong with it. For many it is a wonderful form of relaxation after a long day of hard work. Depending on the contents of your wallet, you can give a complete game computer or a new game. There are also accessories for gamers to give, such as special controllers or entire gaming chairs. If your recipient is a game enthusiast, this gift is undoubtedly a hit!

In short, coming up with a good gift takes some effort, but the joy is often greater with the recipient. Someone who loves technology and innovation is easy prey, there are many nice gifts to come up with. So take advantage of this preference and hobby immediately to match the gift with it. And let’s not forget; you can certainly put the above things on your own wish list!

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