Funda topper: versatile mill located on the water on a plot of 1,500 m²

In the picturesque Krimpen aan den IJssel, a majestic residence shines on the market in the form of a multi-purpose windmill called the ‘Unexpected’. Korenmolen 1’s Funda ad reveals a lavish destination that delights the senses and offers an unparalleled lifestyle. The plot is no less than 1,500 m² in size and offers a view of the Hollandsche IJssel.

Windmill ‘Unexpected’ in Krimpen aan den IJssel

Upon arrival, one is overwhelmed by the impeccable appearance of the mill that is now used as a catering establishment. But the real estate agent is helpful and shares photos of how the current restaurant (De Schelvenaer) can be transformed into a lavish living room, including a design fireplace, large windows and high ceilings.


To meet current housing requirements, a “very generous extension” has been placed at the rear of the residential mill with two wings, including an apartment and a wine cellar of 45 m². A large terrace with a phenomenal view over the IJssel and the marina has also been realized at the same rear.

The stately facade, with its classic architectural details and impressive pillars, exudes a historic yet modern grandeur. Behind this stately facade are six rooms, including a simple bedroom. Again, there are plenty of options to expand. The professional kitchen has been built in the left wing of the mill, with a solid conservatory behind it.

The grain mill dates back to the 19th century and in 1930 a fire destroyed most of the original features. Only the mill hull survived and it was not until 1993 that the mill was rebuilt and provided with a stronger foundation. The windmill, the restaurant and the apartment together provide the ultimate place for living and working.

Asking price on Funda

With a square meter price of € 3,333 and a surface area of ​​630 m², the asking price is € 2,100,000. “Adjoining the dike, where there are currently parking spaces, we offer a piece of land at an asking price of € 400,000. If you do not wish to live there, you can of course also buy this part together with the mill,” says the broker.

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