From the old box: Van der Poel, Van Aert and Evenepoel once rode together in the same team!

Wout van Aert, Mathieu van der Poel and Remco Evenepoel are currently the stars of the cycling peloton. There is also an immense rivalry between Van der Poel and Van Aert. Yet there was once a Van der Poel and a Van Aert in the same team, with an Evenepoel on top!

In 1994 Adrie van der Poel (father of Mathieu), Patrick Evenepoel (father of Remco) and Jos van Aert (uncle of Wout) rode in the colors of Collstrop-Willy Naessens! Willy Teirlinck, sports director of the modest Belgian formation, can still remember the three well.

Adrie strongest of the three

“Adrie was one of our best riders. He had to take care of the results,” Willy Teirlinck told NOS. Patrick and Jos had less talent. “Jos van Aert had more of a servant role. He was a fairly quiet boy, just a little too good to be a driver actually. Evenepoel was a solid driver, but not exceptional. I still see him occasionally. Then we always talk about his son Remco.”`

They certainly couldn’t match the talent of their sons (or nephew). Jos van Aert: “Wout and I have the same genes and we are both professional cyclists, but that’s about it. He is such a great talent, when I was just a servant.”

“I was not a top player,” says Patrick Evenepoel. “I won 107 matches with the youth, but in our time it was also easier to win. There were about thirty races on a Sunday. Now the level at the youth competitions is much higher.”

Adrie: “In terms of talent, I haven’t reached Mathieu’s ankles yet. I relied on my course knowledge, my cleverness and my attention to my opponents.”

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