Fraser on Slot: “That’s the reality”

Feyenoord must take into account that trainer Arne Slot will leave this summer. According to Henk Fraser, who will represent the group at RKC Waalwijk next season, the Rotterdam club should not take this too seriously.

Feyenoord trainer on his way to the exit?

According to Sky Sports Slot is a serious candidate at Tottenham Hotspur. There would even have been a positive conversation. The Feyenoord coach was confronted with this at the press conference, but he refused to comment on the content. Club watcher Dennis van Eerstel sets up FC Rijnmond: “That does feed speculation. Everyone can now decide for themselves.”

Fraser, on the other hand, agrees with Slot’s statements. “I think he doesn’t have to say anything,” the former player of the Rotterdam club adds. “No matter what he does, if he starts talking about it, it’s never good. Everyone has to interpret it in their own way, you are not going to change that.”

Robert Maaskant in turn: “Every other international trainer would have said: I only answer questions about Sunday’s match. And then ran away. Slot has the courtesy to answer every time. Everyone has an opinion on this now, but no one knows. The future will show what he will choose.”

Not the end of the world

Fraser: “If he goes, it will be very annoying for us from Rotterdam and Feyenoord. But we are a training country, that is the reality. Slot has made Feyenoord special, and that brings a lot to the club. Everyone can be replaced. Look at Pascal Jansen at AZ. What he does is just as fantastic.”

Will Feyenoord win 1-3 in Emmen?


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