Four-centimeter hole in nasal septum

Koen Pieter van Dijk makes no secret of the fact that he has been addicted for years. In an interview in the latest LINDA, he talks candidly about the intense aftermath of his years of addiction and does a shock revelation about a major operation.

koen pieter van dijk
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Intense period

The years that Koen was addicted have done a lot of damage to his body. He says he discovered this when he had his nose operated on by a cosmetic doctor. “That doctor looked up my nose with a flashlight and said, ‘This isn’t abrasion, this is a four-centimeter hole.’ The only way they could fix it was to take some bone and cartilage out of one of my ribs,” he says in the latest LINDA.

In the end, Koen spent five and a half hours on the operating table to get this done. He does state that other things about his face were also changed. For example, he found his forehead too coarse and his temples were lifted. “Very serious operation, but I am very happy with it.”

Spent three tons

Besides the hole in his nose shot, Koen does another one shock disclosure. He says that he spent a total of € 300,000 on addictive substances during this period. And indeed, you can buy a nice home for that (outside the Randstad).

Fortunately, it is now a thing of the past for Koen and he is doing very well at the moment. For example, we saw Koen working hard on himself in the Special Forces series and he recently ran an entire marathon. We are very happy for the presenter that he has made such a positive change.

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