Felipe and Letizia of Spain have been married for 19 years

It has been 19 years since King Felipe and Queen Letizia tied the knot. And to celebrate this happy moment, let’s do one trip down memory lane to one of the most ‘colorful’ royal weddings ever.


Although every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding, it didn’t seem to be the case for Letizia at first. It rained cats and dogs, there was a fight and the bride was stiff with nerves. In addition, Crown Prince Frederik had just married Mary Donaldson, a wedding that was all about romance and emotion. So very difficult to surpass.

Felipe Letizia
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However, Felipe and Letizia’s wedding ceremony was anything but romance and emotion. The ceremony was stiff and solemn, the direction very distant, which made it difficult to sympathize with the bride and groom. And that while the two were really madly in love with each other, but did not dare to show it on their big day.

Wedding Dress

In any case, one thing is certain: Leti has always been a fashion-conscious royal. For example, at her wedding she wore a beautiful dress by Manuel Pertegaz and the Prussian Tiara: the perfect combination – you would think. And although both are also beautiful separately, the bride drowned in the dress. Letizia is – as we have all seen by now – a rather petite woman, so she literally disappeared in the high stand-up collar in combination with the veil. The tiara also radiated coldness and austerity. Ai!

And while Letizia – anyway – always looks gorgeous, the rest of the styling was… interesting. For example, the Spanish royals did not go for virgin white, but for yellow. Hm… So the bridesmaids were disguised as Spanish shepherdesses with yellow tones. Hello 18th century!

Letizia Felipe
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And if that wasn’t enough, there was also a checkmate later on. During the dinner – hosted by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain – two guests decided to fight. Prince Vittorio Emanuele punched his cousin and rival Duke Amadeo twice in the face. Oh dear! The reason for this was that both lords could claim the Italian throne. Fortunately for Amadeo, he was eventually taken in by Queen Anne-Marie of Greece.

Amedeo was dragged in by lackeys, where, according to La Repubblica, “an unknown Arab potentate put an ice pack against his fat lip.” When King Juan Carlos heard of the mate, he charged at the Italians and bellowed ‘Nunca más!’ (“Never again!”) to indicate that she no longer had to count on invitations to the Spanish court (nor were they allowed to be photographed). The guests unanimously agreed that it was ‘the most exciting royal wedding’ they had ever attended. Queen Fabiola of Belgium reportedly even handed out instant salt.

Source: Beau Monde archive | Image: NL Image / Brunopress

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