FC Eindhoven takes the first step towards the Eredivisie with victory over Almere City

With a 1-0 victory over Almere City, FC Eindhoven has taken a small step towards the Eredivisie. In-house, Dyon Dorenbosch decided an underprivileged match with a great header.

In the first game in the promotion/relegation play-offs, number three Almere City took on FC Eindhoven, which finished five places lower. However, it was Rob Penders’ team that started the game brutally. Brian De Keersmaecker and Naoufal Bannis tried to put an early opening goal on the board, but their attempts were easily stopped by Almere keeper Nordin Bakker. The 25-year-old goalkeeper had no answer to Charles Brym’s attempt after a quarter of the game, but the Canadian winger had already been flagged for offside.

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Almere City had a slight preponderance in the phase between the goal attempts. The Black Sheep also handed out some pinpricks, but it was mainly caution. Little risk was taken in the attack, so great opportunities were not forthcoming. Alex Pastoor’s team then had to deal with a major setback after half an hour: captain Damian van Bruggen had to leave the field with an injury. In the remainder of the first half there were still two small chances for FC Eindhoven, but 0-0 was a logical halftime score.

Shortly after the break, it was an Eindhoven strongman who had to clear the field. Rajiv van La Parra, who had just come in, ran too enthusiastically on a failed ball and hit Nigel Bertrams. The keeper who missed less than a minute this season was then replaced by Jort Borgmans. He held his own when Pascu had the best chance of the game after a sharp cross from Jochem Ritmeester van de Kamp. After the game waved up and down without danger for a long time, it was then the dominant Almere that started to push more forward.

However, it was Eindhoven that took the lead. After a good through ball from Collin Seedorf, the ball was put back well by substitute Evan Rottier, after which Dorenbosch nodded the ball through the ground. Almere then went looking for the equalizer, but the handbrake still sometimes seemed to be on too much. For the visitors, it remained with two threatening corners, while Eindhoven produced two more (harmless) shots in the final phase. With the 1-0 victory, Eindhoven has provided itself with a good starting position for the second quarter-final, but nothing has been decided yet.

Man of the match: Jort Borgmans.

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