Farm holidays in South Tyrol with Roter Hahn

How nice is it to go on holiday at the farmer in a beautiful environment? Fortunately, this can be done very easily! Via Roter Hahn you can book more than 1600 different accommodations at the farm and enjoy everything that farm life has to offer. Cuddle with the cows, sheep, goats and chickens. Bake the most delicious apple strudel together with the farmer’s wife or be surprised by the local specialties. Stroll through the orchards or enjoy a local wine. It’s all possible at the accommodations of Roter Hahn in South Tyrol, Italy.

Roter Hahn farms in South Tyrol, Italy

Roter Hahn offers guests a varied time in a carefree, cheerful, cozy and personal atmosphere. Roter Hahn pays attention to the following points:

  • enjoying tranquility in a natural environment
  • experiencing farm life up close
  • vibrant farms as authentic suppliers of agricultural products
  • real hospitality

South Tyrolean agriculture is small-scale. This makes it increasingly difficult for farmers to live exclusively from farming. Due to falling agricultural prices, more and more farmers are dependent on additional income from secondary activities. Work on the farm and beyond places a double burden on the farming family. We strive to support the local farmers by offering them an additional source of income, thus preserving the farming culture in South Tyrol.

The farms are different as we know them in the Netherlands. Due to the height difference in the mountains, there are not extensive meadows everywhere where the animals can graze. Here a farm is really very big if you have more than 20 large animals. Because you cannot get a full income from this number of animals, Roter Hahn was created. Roter Hahn offers farm stays so that people can combine their stay with life on the farm.

So enjoy the animals, the wide surroundings and all the nice extras here. Think of delicious fresh milk, fresh eggs and delicious meat. In addition, fun activities are often organized on the farm for the guests. Barbecue together with the farmer, bake fresh bread or apple strudel or lend a hand with feeding or milking the animals.

Roter Hahn accommodations

We stayed at the Altmessnerhof, a beautiful farmhouse in the village of Toblach. We were welcomed by Marlene and Toni on a super nice small-scale farm. There were a number of cows on the farm that were super sweet and wanted to have a pet. There is also no shortage of chickens that would like to have something from you in terms of food. We were there in the spring so there were also a lot of little calves, super sweet!

By the way, the stay was also great. At Roter Hahn you always get an authentic stay. Think of a wooden interior with a real wooden floor and good facilities such as a private kitchen and luxurious bathroom.

The accommodations are always small-scale, so there may not be more than 8 apartments. Altmessner Hof has 4 different apartments. Two downstairs with two separate bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room + kitchen. Upstairs are two smaller apartments with two separate bedrooms, a living room + kitchen and one bathroom. Ideal for families, couples or groups of 4.

The apartment is really fully equipped and looked really beautiful with all the wood. The beds were wonderful and the bathroom was super luxurious with a wonderful shower. I immediately noticed that everything was spotless and very complete. Everything is super well insulated and all windows even have shutters to keep the light and heat in (or out).

Discover beautiful South Tyrol

The farms of Roter Hahn can only be found in South Tyrol, Italy. But what I didn’t know is that South Tyrol is really a beautiful region in Italy with beautiful mountains (the Dolomites) and nature. We had the most beautiful views here, viewed lakes and did outdoor activities. If you want to take it easy for a day, you can relax on the farm or visit a delicious (Roter Hahn) restaurant with delicious Italian or South Tyrolean specialties.

Got excited about a Roter Hahn stay in Italy? You can book 1600 different accommodations on the website. Roter Hahn works with flowers and the more flowers, the more luxurious the accommodation. I can only recommend it to you, I really had a fantastic time!

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