Ex on the Beach viewers think participants are very young

The new season of Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch is now in full swing. Only the second episode of the controversial program appeared last Sunday, but viewers are already forming an opinion. For example, many viewers continue to be amazed where MTV continues to get the participants. Viewers also agree en masse that the participants of this season are very young.

Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch

This season’s cast consists of eight again originals. There are again four men and four women, one of whom is the first trans woman ever in the history of the program. What viewers immediately notice: the participants are very young. How the contestants in previous seasons were usually in their mid-twenties is most originals this time only 20 years old. Ellen is even a teenager during her participation. The first exes have now also washed up and we could see Maxim walking on the beach in episode two and he is also only 19.

More intense than ever

Although we often heard the participants of the previous season say: “This season is more intense than ever”, it was also claimed on this year’s press day. According to the candidates, this season will be ‘the toughest ever’, because young people give even more shit to what everyone thinks of them. So far, nothing seems to lie. In the first episode there are already quite a few adventures under the sheets and in episode two there is even a quartet.


The reactions of viewers are not all equally positive. For example, many viewers continue to be amazed at the types in Ex on the Beach and where MTV gets these people from. But the age of the participants is also not left undiscussed. Many viewers are surprised that most of the participants are only twenty. They share their unsalted opinion about it on Twitter.

We are curious what else the season will bring and especially which exes will wash up!

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Ex on the Beach viewers are unanimous and think the participants are very young

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