EOTB-Esmee has a very nice surprise for her boyfriend

Esmee Ipema, known for Ex on the Beach and Real Girls in the Jungle has been in a relationship with her Ernes for a while. That she’s all in love she likes to share with the outside world. She shares amorous photos with her on Instagram boyfriend, but she also recently shared that she has started to study Islam, the faith of her boyfriend. Now Esmee shares a very sweet surprise for him on TikTok.

Esme Ipema

In 2019 Esmee participated in Ex on the Beach. Together with her twin sister Sharon, she took care of terror twins for an exciting season. This year we could also see her in the much-watched program Real Girls In The Jungle. In addition to her participation in high-profile reality programs, Esmee’s love life is also a much-discussed topic. From the end of 2019 she had a relationship with ‘her’ Jeroen for a year and a half. But after the break-up, her heart soon started to beat faster for the handsome Ernes, with whom she is still together.

Immerse yourself in Islam

Since Esmee’s friend, Ernes, is a Muslim and she says she has always had many questions and thinks a lot about life, she also started to study Islam. A month ago she explained through her Instagram stories why she started reading the Quran. “Unfortunately, I never grew up with religion, so I have little knowledge about it. I feel I have now received enough signs that I am starting to realize more and more that I do not have to be afraid and that I must immerse myself”, says Esmee. In addition, she shares that it is becoming increasingly clear to her what she lives for. “I’ve always feared death, but now I’m starting to believe that this life is just a stopover on this journey to the afterlife, no more.” It is clear that she has started to delve into her boyfriend’s faith, but now she shares a very sweet surprise for him via a video on TikTok.


In the video, Esmee blindfolds her boyfriend. In the meantime she changes and we can see her wearing long clothes and a Hijab. When she takes off the blindfold on her boyfriend, she surprises him with her outfit. How cute?! In the video she writes:He wanted to see me with a headscarf, so i surprised him..Besides the big smile on her friend’s face and his proud reaction, the comments under the video are also full of positive reactions. Thus it can be read: ”The way it made her even prettierand “Aaahww think this is sooooo cute.”


He had no words for it.. #fyp #foryourpage #foryou #viral #vj #for you

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EOTB-Esmee Ipema has a very nice surprise for her boyfriend

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