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Last weekend it was still lovely, summer weather but unfortunately that is different this week. It’s kind of autumn in May. Now I really like having the windows open and hearing the rain fall, but it doesn’t really give a spring / summer vibe. The gray, gray and especially rainy weather just asks to hang out on the couch with a blanket and lose yourself in a good series or movie. I preferred to sit on my balcony with a book and enjoy the beautiful weather, but it is no different. So it’s high time to check out the streaming apps and see if there are any fun things to watch. Now I must honestly say that I have not been really fascinated by streaming apps lately, but today we are going to make an attempt to make a Netflix list.

Queen Charlotte

I would prefer to watch a new season of Bridgerton, but a spin-off might also fulfill that wish. Maybe I’ll binge Queen Charlotte this weekend.

King Collectibles

A wonderful glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous and their bizarre but above all precious collections.

Jewish Matchmaking

I’ve watched a lot of documentaries and series about the Jewish faith, but one about a Jewish matchmaker who is looking for the perfect partner, which I haven’t seen yet. That’s why I’m very curious how that works.

How to get rich

Having or not having money is often a big part of our lives. I am therefore curious what tips are given in this documentary series to become “rich”. Although I believe that being rich is not about material things, it is always nice to have more money so that you can make life a little easier. Especially in these strange times when everything is incredibly expensive.

One more time

Everyone will have had the feeling of being 18 again and being able to do things differently. At least I do. But what happens when you are really 18 again and is everything better then? Very curious about this movie.

What are you watching at the moment?

Take care!


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Trailer source: Netflix

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