Engaged? This is how much money a wedding costs on average

Many have dreamed of it since childhood: a fairytale wedding. But just to help you out of your dream, a wedding is quite expensive. Of course you don’t like Sophia Richie and Elliot Grainge spend millions on your big day, but start saving anyway…

Two sides

If you just got engaged, you must be eager to start all the fun things of getting married: planning the wedding, choosing the honeymoon and last but not least: choosing the most beautiful dress in which you will surprise your sweetheart before the altar. And although getting married in itself is of course a wonderful idea, there is also another side of the coin. For an average wedding you have to dig deep into your pockets.

Average costs

The National Wedding Survey conducted by research agency Effect measurement in 2019 among 1,131 bridal couples showed that they spent an average of around 18,000 euros on a complete wedding. Before you fall off your chair when you hear this amount: the honeymoon is included in this. That makes a difference, but it does not alter the fact that there is a considerable price tag for promising eternal loyalty to your loved one.

The largest cost item is the location of the wedding: bridal couples spend an average of 7,522 euros on this. Couples pay an average of 3,848 euros for a honeymoon, and a bride pays an average of 1,758 euros for the dress of her dreams. Of course this is an indication of the different costs – if you get married on a weekday morning in a small remote municipality, then you will obviously pay much less than if you rent a wedding hall in Amsterdam for the whole day on Saturday. The same goes for the dress: visit Mary Borsato for you wedding dressthen you know that you have to dig a lot deeper into your pockets than when you go for a second-hand dress.

Saving tips

No matter how you look at it, a wedding costs money. But how much you have to put down for the most beautiful day of your life is entirely up to you. If you want to go big à la de royals or Paris Hilton, well, then you have lost a lot of euros. But if you don’t want to spend too much, there are plenty of ways to save on your wedding. For example, buy a second-hand wedding dress, get married in your own garden or ask friends and family if they want to help you with the music, catering or bridal make-up. That way you can still give each other the yes in a nice way!

Source: Beau Monde | Image: NL Image / BrunoPress

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