Empty eyeliner is the new make-up look of the year

There are so many different colors of eyeliner and you can apply it in all kinds of ways, but have you ever heard of ’empty’ eyeliner? If you wear eyeliner every day, you should definitely try this. Currently, this new look is going viral on TikTok and we are obsessed.

empty eyeliner
Source: TikTok @lenkalul

Empty eyeliner

You must be wondering what it is. Don’t worry, we will explain it to you. You have two types of this look. One is alone with a line. Normally you color your eyeliner, but you don’t do that with the empty eyeliner. On the other, it looks like you wiped off your eyeliner. And you actually do. If you have applied eyeshadow, remove your eyeshadow with a brush, but then how you would normally apply your eyeliner. Curious what it looks like and how to do it exactly? We’ll show you.


This empty eyeliner look is literally, ’empty’. All you have to do is grab your eyeliner, make lines like how you normally would and you’re done! So very simple. So you don’t spend any extra time coloring. The nice thing about this look is that you can apply it in different colors.

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With the second empty eyeliner you spend a little more time, but it’s still easy to do! First you apply eyeshadow, when you’re done grab a thin brush and some micellar water. Remove some eyeshadow with the brush, but then as you would normally apply your eyeliner. To make it even tighter, apply some concealer. Below you can see a video with explanation. As you can see, this look is still very easy to do.

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