Dutch music industry is flourishing again: record payouts at BumaStemra

After a period of two dark years amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dutch music makers have generated a record amount of revenue in the past year. According to the annual financial statements of BumaStemra, the organization that manages copyrights for approximately 38,000 Dutch music makers, the total payment to lyricists, composers and music publishers amounted to more than 239 million euros.

Record year

This amount not only greatly exceeds the payouts during the pandemic years, but is even almost 50 million euros higher than in the year before the pandemic. Bernard Kobes, director of BumaStemra, therefore described 2022 as a “record year”. During the lockdowns, musicians earned little or nothing from performing and playing their music in public places, such as cafes. As a result, Buma Cultuur encouraged radio stations to play as much local music as possible.

Following the lifting of lockdowns, music lovers have returned to live performance in droves. According to BumaStemra, live music revenues have increased “spectacularly”, with licenses for more than 45,000 performances. In addition, 2000 new members joined last year, mainly young musicians and songwriters. Among these new members, 40 percent are under the age of 25.

Income from online sources

It is striking that the income from online sources also continues to grow. BumaStemra attributes this growth to better agreements with platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and TikTok. The organization has also signed an agreement with Snapchat. Partly due to these developments in the digital space, the export value of Dutch music has doubled compared to the corona years.

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