“Does that affect you making a transfer?”

On Sunday evening, for the umpteenth time in a short time, things went wrong in the stands of a football match. Real Madrid striker Vinicius Júnior was constantly racially abused by Valencia supporters. Jurriën Timber, who may receive interest from Spain in the summer, responds to the disgusting images.

“If you could ever make a transfer to Spain again, would such a climate affect you? That you think to yourself: I don’t want to play football in such a country at all”, begins Rondo– presenter Wytse van der Goot. “I think you will take it into consideration. But I’m not going to say that I don’t want to play football in Spain”, Timber responds with a laugh.

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Van der Goot understands the Ajax player’s answer. “Of course things like this also happen to us,” he says, after which Timber makes a painful observation. “It’s bigger than this, the problem is much deeper than football. Something from society as a whole, I think,” says the defender, who is ashamed that he has gone so wrong in the stands lately. “You’re just fed up, honestly.”

Mother of Timber
Timber’s mother, who is often present as an attentive spectator, also has little positive to say to his son. “She then hears things from people behind her, when someone loses another ball or something. Then you think: just have fun for once. I understand that emotions are involved, but this is immature”, adds the Ajax defender.

In the latest FCUpdate Podcast, host Stan Timmerman and editor Frank Hoekman talk about the disgusting incidents during Valencia – Real Madrid.

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