Divine Trappist beer in Dutch shops due to abbey abuse

In Belgium they brewed one of the most divine drinks on earth centuries ago, which the Dutch are abusing in 2023 by selling the elixir for extortionate prices. But the fathers of the Flemish West Vleteren, who brew the Trappist beer of the same name, have seen the light and have converted to capitalism.

Yes, the potion of the gods goes on general sale in the Netherlands. It may be small beer compared to the cocaine trade in the Low Countries, but perhaps this is the testament for the possibly legal drug system of the future. It seems the only way to drive the sinners of the black market out of the Sodom and Gomorrah of the drug market.

West Vleteren for sale in Dutch liquor stores

The monks of the Sint-Sixtus abbey in Westvleteren in Flanders will soon be selling their Trappist beer through Dutch liquor stores. These are the types Blond, 8 and 12. With this, the abbey wants to put an end to the extortionate prices of beers illegally placed on the Dutch market.

It concerns an annual supply of approximately 240,000 bottles to “a large number of independent Dutch liquor stores”, the West Flemish abbey announces. Initially, it will be a trial of at least one year. The first Westvleteren bottles should be available by June 18.

Sint-Sixtus Abbey brews 7500 hectoliters of beer annually, spread over about fifty days. Until now, Westvleteren was only available at the abbey itself, and only for private individuals. But some of them took advantage of that, the abbey says. The widely adored crates were sold for a multiple of the purchase price upon their return to the Netherlands.

Selling rare beer for livelihood

“These usury practices are diametrically opposed to the values ​​of the monastic community. The brothers from West Vleteren want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy their Trappist beers at a normal, fair price,” said the abbey. The turnover of the beer is used exclusively for the livelihood of the monks and the salaries of the people who work in the abbey. A part also goes to the maintenance of the monastery.

The illegal trade in Westvleteren beers means that many wooden crates and empty bottles are lost. As a result, the abbey says it has to purchase a lot of new material every year. Agreements are now also being made about this. Before the bottles of beer come to the Netherlands, the bottles are packed in cardboard boxes at a company from Hulst. As a result, the wooden crates do not enter the Dutch market. Consumers can return their empty bottles to the liquor store, after which they return to the abbey. Read more about the beers and the abbey here.

Not the only rare Trappist beer

Also view the rarest beers in the world (including West-Vleteren) and the price per bottle.

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Heavenly Trappist beer in Dutch shops due to abbey abuse

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