‘Disappointed for a few days’

Maxime Meiland is a beauty to behold, but this did not always go without a hitch. In the new Thank you she talks about her beauty favorites, but also about that time when things went badly wrong. Well, it’s very recognizable!

Tanning oil

With her blonde locks and smooth skin, Maxime Meiland is the radiant center of any party or event. But sometimes something happens that is a very wise lesson, especially because you keep seeing it for a few days. “A while ago I used Magic Drops, from that tanning oil, to be a little less white,” Maxime begins.

The product did what it was supposed to do, so the Meiland offspring had a lot of confidence in it. “It worked well, but it went wrong when I started painting my eyebrows myself. Because of the combination, they turned completely green and I walked for a few days as a dick.” Ai!

With a little help

In addition to her beauty disaster, she also shares the contents of her beauty bag. And sometimes that also involves a little help. She says: “I do fillers in my chin once a year to get rid of my double chin and make my face more symmetrical. And I recently started using a little botox in my eyebrows, so that they rise slightly. Very subtle, I don’t want you to see it. That’s why I will never take lip fillers.”

The entire interview with Maxime Meiland can be read in the new Grazia, now on the shelves.

Source: Grazia | Image: NL Image

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