De Action now sells a real beer pong table

A beer pong table at Action

On the shelves of the Action they have another genius product that you absolutely cannot miss and that is nothing less than a real beer pong table that is fully equipped. You can adjust the table to three different heights and it is foldable. Furthermore, the table is also made of aluminum and MDF, which makes it lightweight and you can easily take it from one party to the next.

The beer pong table from Action is available for a small price of €49.95. But beware, there is no point in rushing to the nearest Action as soon as possible, because the table is only available online. All you have to do now is order the table and buy beer pong cups and balls at the Action. So that you can immediately place the filled cups in a triangle shape and you can completely eliminate the other team with a fanatical teammate.

Action beer pong table

Click on this link to go to the Action’s website.

This way you make your party even more fun

If you want to make your party even more fun, Action has another genius product for which we have written about before. And that is nothing short of a bubble bath. For only € 299 you are the owner of a large whirlpool for three people with no less than 110 jets. This bubble bath is also very easy to set up, just like the beer pong table. With the supplied pump you inflate the bubble bath and Kees is ready. Furthermore, the bubble bath can reach a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius and you can set your desired temperature. Really ideal for a pool party with a beer pong tournament at your house now that it’s starting to get warmer. This bubble bath is also only available online. So it’s easy to order.

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