Danish royals have a special day in Paris

At Ascension there was finally it grand moment for Count Hendrik. The son of the Danish Prince Joachim and Princess Marie was in Paris with his family to celebrate his communion. And the family pulled out all the stops for that!

Communion in Paris

The Danish family was, almost, all together in France to attend the communion of 14-year-old Count Hendrik. This was held at the Frederikskirken in Paris. In the morning Hendrik arrived at the church with his parents, half-brothers Nikolai and Felix, and sister Athena.

Although it was the big day for Henry, Princess Marie definitely stood out with her Armani fuchsia combination. Daughter Athena had tailored her clothes to her mother, and wore a floral dress with pink flowers from Mango. Nikolai, Felix and Hendrik had copied the trick from their father, Prince Joachim, and wore dark blue suits with ties. A graceful image of the young royals!

Other royals

Other family members also joined the celebration procession. His uncle and aunt, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Prince Mary, and their four children Prince Christian, Princess Isabella – who had her own communion last year – and the twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine were also there. And how well the colors of their clothes match each other, as can be seen in the third photo below.

Queen Margaret

In addition, Princess Marie’s relatives and some close friends were present, but there was no trace of Queen Margrethe. This is not surprising, because Margrethe had surgery on her back at the beginning of this year. This is why there has been some shifting with the royal duty and presence of the Queen. We can therefore understand that a trip to Paris would be too much for her.

Source: Blauwblood | Image: Kongehuset.dk / Emmanuel Aguirre ©, @detdanskekongehus

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