China blocks imports of American Micron chips

They are a national security risk, the chips from the American manufacturer Micron. China therefore blocks the import of processors from this manufacturer.

The blockade of the memory chips is China’s first major defense move in a politically driven trade war between the US and China.

Micron chips pose a serious supply chain risk to China’s critical information infrastructure, a statement said. That could mean anything, because a substantive explanation is not provided.

Companies such as Intel, Qualcomm, Apple and Dell use these types of chips for their products that they have made in China. They will have to look for other suppliers. South Korean manufacturers are then well on the map.

The US has long been trying to prevent China from importing top technology from abroad to improve its own products for a strategic advantage. American companies have been imposed export restrictions, but the US is also putting pressure on other countries to do so. For example, ASML from Veldhoven is no longer allowed to sell its top-line products in China.

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