‘Château Planckaert’ gets a new season on VRT 1

Good news for fans of Chateau Planckaert because the popular program will have a fifth season on VRT 1. The channel itself announced this on Instagram.

Together with the Verhulstjes, the Planckaerts are undoubtedly one of the most popular families in Flanders. When One in 2020 the first season of Chateau Planckaert broadcast, the program could immediately count on a lot of viewers. At its peak, more than 1.8 million people watched the program.

The fourth season recently came to an end Chateau Planckaert, which this time had ten episodes. The program can still count on more than 1 million viewers per episode. It is therefore no surprise that the VRT decided to make a fifth season.


Moreover, there is also more than enough content for a new season. The renovations of the Château Neureux in the French Lurcy-Lévis of the Planckaert family are far from being completed. In season 4 we saw how great progress was made. Now that the restrictions due to the corona crisis have been completed and the chambres d’hôtes in the Ardennes have been finally disposed of, work could continue well.

The most important work that is finally over is the finishing of the roof. In addition, the glaming around the castle is also running at full speed and the farm of the Planckaerts is getting bigger and bigger. Wonder what we’ll see in the fifth season of Chateau Planckaert will all be seen. It is not yet known when we will be able to watch the new episodes.

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