‘Chateau Meiland’ is back: The Meilandjes are again throwing themselves into renovation

Since this weekend, the Meilandjes are back on Play4. Martien, Erica and Maxime are now in their eighth season Chateau Meiland and in it the family … will renovate again. In addition to their own villa, their dream of a B&B still seems close. And then suddenly a farmhouse comes their way.

The Meilandjes have been a fixture on Dutch and Belgian television for several years now. Everything started in their chateau in France, but they eventually sold it to be able to move back to the Netherlands. After a while in the Dutch Achterhoek, they decided to move again. Now the family lives back on the Dutch coast, where they originally came from.

There, too, the family has moved several times, making it seem like every new season of Chateau Meiland involves a new move or a new renovation. That is also the case in the new season. And then the development of their new B&B project has yet to come.

Chateau Meiland

It doesn’t seem to stop with the Meiland family moving. The new season shows how Martien and Erica are working on their own renovation, but also how they get a golden tip about a farmhouse in the north of the Netherlands. In addition, the family is already dreaming of a new adventure to start a B&B again, just like at the chateau.

In the meantime it is already known that Martien and Erica really wanted to do something with that farm in the form of ‘Code Rosé’, but that there are problems with a permit. But fans will no doubt get to see that later. And if that wasn’t enough, the moving boxes can also be brought out for daughters Maxime and Montana. Because they also move to a different place.


To counteract all this chaos, the family has of course only one solution: wines. And that was already seen in the very first episode. When an alarm goes off during the renovation, it seems to come from the refrigerator. In the end that was not the case, but Martien noticed something striking. “There is no rosé cold at all,” it sounds.

Watch the excerpt Chateau Meiland here.

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