Captain Xavi Simons is not recommended

Despite his young age, Xavi Simons has become a true pillar of support for Ruud van Nistelrooij’s team and so there are calls for Xavi Simons to be made captain.

Can the young star footballer handle that and is he ready for it, is a legitimate question. The reality is that Xavi Simons has made his breakthrough as a professional football player this season. This is only his first full season. Simons makes a big impression every week and perhaps PSV intends to give the youngster even more responsibilities. At Skiete Willy, the Podcast of Voetbal International, they advise Simons against it.

“Everything is possible. Only you should not forget how young he is,” says Björn van der Doelen about the past twenty-year-old Simons. “He’s come a long way, but you have to protect him a little now and then. He wants it badly, but you have to slow that down a bit, at least I think that’s for him. He is already so important, but it is nice if you can still stand in the lee at that age.”

“It’s only right that he wants it. He has had a ridiculously good season, but you also have to protect him a bit,” continues the former footballer. “He also has to be able to be a little bit of a child. I think that would be good for him. Don’t put too much pressure on his shoulders too early,” it sounds.

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