Candid Fred Rutten: ‘I prefer to be a head coach’

A candid conversation with Fred Rutten. This is how we can best interpret the video with the assistant coach of PSV.

In this new episode of Building Bridges, ex-pros Edson Braafheid and Gianni Zuiverloon speak with Fred Rutten. In this episode, the former player and trainer of respected clubs such as Schalke 04, Feyenoord, PSV and the Dutch national team talks extensively about his successes and the lesser periods in his life.

Fred Rutten has a lot to say but says more than the headline of this article. According to him, Rutten can easily adapt to the role of assistant coach. In Building Bridges, Rutten says that both roles suit him well, but he does have a clear preference. “I prefer to be a head coach, but I can adapt very well to this role. Especially if you can help a starting trainer. Any way. That also gives a good feeling,” says Rutten.

“I know my role very well,” said the 60-year-old PSV player. Rutten is assistant this season for the first time in twenty years. “But I can look back on my career with a good feeling. I’ve helped a lot of people. That’s how I am in life,” he says in the video below, which is worth watching.

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