can you still eat onions with sprouts?

What to do with vegetables that have suckers? Can you still eat onions with sprouts? You’ve probably asked yourself. Don’t worry, we have the answer for you!

Let’s be clear right away: yes, you can still eat onions with sprouts. They are still safe for consumption. But before you bite into it, we have to warn you: the taste can be a bit off. The offshoots tend to add a bitter taste to the onion. If you plan to use raw onions, it may be better to choose an onion with no stems.

But don’t worry, there is a solution! If you remove the offshoots, you can still enjoy the onion without that bitter aftertaste. Cut the onion in half and use a knife or your fingers to remove the offshoots. Voila! Your onion will often still taste good.

Note: if the onions not only have shoots, but also mold, then it’s time to say goodbye. Throw them away and go for fresh ones. It is always better to play it safe and not consume onions with mold.

Read at Gezondheidsnet how best to store onions to prevent sprouts.

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