Brobbey under fire: “Almost refused work”

Brian Brobbey was important this week in the Eredivisie matches won with FC Groningen (2-3) and FC Utrecht (3-1). The Ajax striker tapped crucial attempts against the ropes, but effective heading is still often a problem this season.

Ajax striker fails with a header

Brobbey missed a big chance against Utrecht. In This was the Weekend says Kees Luijckx: “It is a very strange moment. Of course it isn’t, but you could almost call it a job refusal. He can’t head, but this is just dropping a ball on your head. This goes beyond not being able to head.”

Kenneth Perez joins in: “Brobbey can’t head. I also can’t lay bricks, so if I start laying bricks, it also looks like a refusal to work. This is just ignorance, that’s it. There are football players who can do certain things and not certain things. If you can do something very well, it does not mean that you can do everything very well.”

Jorrel Hato, on the other hand, receives praise from Perez. The ESPN analyst is clear: “Hato is the future. He can build very well, he is super handy at that. People say you should have drafted him from day one, but he was sixteen and just turned seventeen. That can’t be the case over an entire season. But how he manifests himself, except for a few slippers…”

Will Inter win the Champions League and the Coppa Italia?


*Odds are subject to change.

Is Brobbey good enough for Ajax?

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