British press: Arsenal aim arrows at Xavi Simons, market value is estimated at 30 million euros

Xavi Simons recently changed agent and that move has not gone unnoticed in England either.

The change of management came quite unexpectedly because the general opinion was that Xavi Simons was more than satisfied with the agency of the late Mino Raiola, whose successor and partner Rafaela Pimenta would continue to look after Simons’ affairs. The situation around Simons has now turned out to be different.

Simons and his brother, who is also close to Simons when it comes to the business aspect of his contract, opted for an English company. That could indicate a future in the Premier League. At least, that’s what the British press thinks. According to the British press, including several authoritative newspapers, Arsenal has become a serious option. The new management has good connections at Arsenal and he would fit the profile of manager Mikel Arteta, it is reported in London.

Arteta has already seen Simons live twice in the matches between PSV and Arsenal. In Eindhoven in particular, Simons played a strong game, in which he managed to mislead four Arsenal players in the goal area of ​​Arsenal, and then finished coolly. His magnificent goal, however, was disallowed for offside a moment earlier.

According to the British press, the market value of Xavi Simons is now around 30 million euros.

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