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After a somewhat turbulent week after a check-up visit to the hospital and a busy working week, I was ready for a relaxing weekend. Just relax and give everything a place. The sun was shining, I messed around on my balcony and finally hung new lights (which made me very happy), I was a bit creative, watched the coronation of King Charles with half an eye and finished reading three books. Yes, you read that right.. I finished three books in one weekend. Because I had some books from the library thanks to my dear father. So I had some reading to do and was especially curious if I had made the right choice in terms of reservations. I had only briefly read the summary, so it is always a question of whether they are good books. This year I read a book by James Patterson for the first time and saw that the library had one new in that he co-wrote with Dolly Parton. Not the first person I see as a writer but I decided to give “Ren, rose, run” a chance and today my review of this book written by Dolly Parton and James Patterson.

Run, rose, run – Dolly Parton & James Patterson

Fleeing her past, Rose seeks a new future in Nashville, the heart of country music. There she falls for the mysterious Ethan and meets country legend Ruthanna Ryder, who takes pity on her. Rose’s talent is unparalleled, her songs tell her raw life story and her star is rising fast. But can she escape the demons from her past?

Ren, Rose, Ren is a compelling mix of music, suspense and love, in which the characteristic humor of Dolly Parton is not lacking.
Dolly Parton’s new album of the same name is based on the characters from the story, and the twelve new songs can be found at the back of this book.

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My opinion

Where the previous James Patterson book I read was mainly about drugs, strange occurrences and murders, this book is very different. A young girl on the run for her past with the hope of building a new future. It kind of feels like Dolly Parton was able to draw on her own history while writing. That she was able to use her own experiences to build the story. That makes the book very interesting to read. Just like with the other book by James Patterson, I had to get into it a bit in terms of characters, but in the end it worked itself out. It’s a fascinating story that takes place entirely in the world of Country music but with a dark edge because Rose is apparently on the run from something. It is a combination of a love story and an exciting James Patterson story. The combination of Dolly Parton and James Patterson is an unusual one, but it worked for this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and was captivated to the end.

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