‘Blind Bought’: Evelien and Frida adjust wishes last minute

The latest season of Blind Bought has been going on for a while now. This season, Kinga, Bart and Kelly already helped several families find a new home and that search continues in this episode. This also applies to Evelien and Frida, who want to change their wishes at the last minute. But that seems too late, because Kinga has already bought the house.

After a long search, the ‘suffering’ of Kaatje and Niels comes to an end this week, Evelien and Frida get to see their purchased house for the first time and we get to know Kim, Jan and their two young children. For Frida and Evelien, the purchase does cause some tension, because they still give some conditions to the production at the last minute.

Evelyn and Frida

Last week the viewers made of Blind Bought acquainted with Evelien and Frida. They met each other 11 years ago in Berlin and bought an apartment together there 9 years ago. With their children and dogs, the apartment becomes too small, but more importantly: they want to come and live in Belgium. They are therefore looking for a house near Antwerp or Mechelen for a budget of 475,000 euros.

This week Kinga has good news for Evelien and Frida. A house has been bought. And just at that moment, the Berliners have one more ‘small’ wish, literally: an extra room for the baby on the way. An expansion of the family with major consequences, because Kelly only has two bedrooms that she can work with.


In addition, Kim and Jan also make their appearance. They live in Dilbeek with their two children, Billie and Thor, but are looking for a new place for health reasons. Their 4-year-old son has a rare genetic disorder, of which there are few known cases worldwide. As a result, the family’s future prospects are very unclear.

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