Bicycle to Work Day promotes commuting by bicycle

With spring in full swing and summer approaching, commuting by bike is a great way to stay active and have fun doing it. Going to work by bike is becoming increasingly popular. For 14.1 percent of Belgian employees, the bicycle is now the most important means of transport, according to data from the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport.

Enough reasons to cycle

For those who are hesitant to cycle to the office, next Thursday’s Bike to Work Day might be a good test opportunity. You are freer and more flexible. You avoid traffic jams in and around the busy city and are never tied to the travel schedules of buses and trains. In addition, cycling is cheaper. You purchase a bicycle once, have some maintenance costs and that’s it. So no high fuel costs, that’s how Gazelle calculates.

Gazelle gives even more reasons to get on your bike on Thursday (and the days after). The bicycle brand speaks of ‘a great way to be more active and improve your fitness’. “Fun fact: you live just a little longer on average when you travel short distances by bike instead of by car, about 240 days (based on research by Vias, ed.).” Cycling is also good for your mental well-being.

Cycling instead of driving is good for the environment. “We are not claiming that you can save the world by cycling to work, but it is a fact that you save CO2 emissions compared to other means of transport. An electric bicycle only emits 3 percent of the CO2 emissions of an average car, according to a study by Milieu Centraal from 2022.”

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