Bayern puts pressure on Dortmund: ‘They just have to show it first’

Bayern Munich suffered a painful defeat at home on Saturday. In the Allianz Arena, RB Leipzig turned out to be too strong 1-3, so that Borussia Dortmund has the lead in the Bundesliga on Sunday. FC Augsburg has to be won for that. Bayern player Thomas Müller is already putting the pressure on BVB.

Does Dortmund break through Bayern’s championship series?

If Dortmund manages to beat Augbsurg and also on the last matchday, Bayern’s championship series will finally break through again. However, Müller does not want to give up the fight just yet. “We have another game next week. If we win that game, Dortmund will be under a lot of pressure. They both have to win their games and I want to see that first,” the midfielder told the German media afterwards.

Müller was not in the mood to dwell on the lost match against Leipzig. “Because I just tried to explain that we shouldn’t waste our energy putting ourselves down. We will try with everything we have in us to get the three points at Köln, because then Dortmund has to win two more times. We’ll see what happens. Maybe next week we will be champions of Germany after all.”

For the attacking midfielder, the feeling remains that Bayern will simply be in control next week. “I really feel that we can still become champions. If Bayern are not at the top, then something is wrong.”

*Odds are subject to change.

Who will be champion?

  • Bayern Munich

  • Borussia Dortmund

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