‘Arbitral blunder during FC Emmen – Feyenoord’

Referee Pol van Boekel made a horrific mistake during the match between FC Emmen and Feyenoord (1-3) by immediately blowing the whistle for a foul on Richairo Zivkovic, while the home team could have had a great chance of scoring if an advantage had been given .

Kenneth Perez expresses incomprehension about Pol van Boekel

Zivkovic had almost completely broken through and was able to approach Justin Bijlow. “Seriously, man,” responds a frustrated Kenneth Perez This Was The Weekendon ESPN. “Get that whistle out of your mouth! Make sure you give yourself a little more time to think. He doesn’t even look. Really boy…”

To make matters worse, Van Boekel also gave Zivkovic a yellow card for protesting. “He almost has to call Zivkovic to say sorry. He should have given himself a yellow card,” Perez grumbles.

“What am I buying for that?”

“Referees, take that whistle off your mouth! A really bad move.” At that moment it was still 1-1. Zivkovic already added RTV North that Van Boekel apologized at halftime. “But what do I buy for that?”, the striker wonders aloud.

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